Real, Measurable, Sustainable impact on financials

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Partner with EpisenseAI to leverage use cases in data analytics and create direct impact on financials with increased revenues, reduced costs, mitigated risks and increased productivity.


Increased sales

Leverage advanced use cases in analytics such as Recommendation Engine, Cross/Up Selling, Price Discovery for Optimum Sales etc. with EpisenseAI to create real, measurable increase in sales as well as quality of sales on your financials. With EpisenseAI, the journey to such an impact is easy and intuitive and EpisenseAI handholds your company through each stage of data analytics, ensuring that the proposed benefits of AI are achieved at a breakneck speed and at the lowest cost of resources and time.

Reduced Costs

Analytics use cases such as Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, Supply Chain Optimization and many more enable businesses to reduce costs drastically without compromising on revenues, customer servicing levels or any such performance parameter. Aided by EpisenseAI’s plug and play end-to-end analytics products, firms achieve cost optimizations quickly without breaking a sweat. The perfect mix of plug and play products and consultative approach to implementation of analytics projects make sure that proposed cost savings are always achieved without a compromise.

Mitigated Risks

A proactive approach to keep risk at bay is required of businesses if they want to achieve strategic success or if they want to continue with the achieved competitive edge. EpisenseAI helps companies achieve exactly that – a proactive, always on, and constantly learning frameworks to estimate, reduce and predict both current and future risks on business. Few common use cases of AI for this purpose are Fraud Detection, Anomaly detection, Credit Risk Underwriting, Early Warning Signals etc. While the common use cases are achieved directly by simply plugging and creating the analytics pipeline using EpisenseAI suite of plug-and-play products, the more complex and sophisticated use cases require handholding by experts in this field and the consultative approach at implementing AI projects hones by experts at EpisenseAI.

Increased Productivity

Productivity drives both sales and costs at any company. It is the driving engine at the core of the business. Optimized productivity through analytics ensures that you get the maximum out of every buck invested and every hour inputted in the business. The last decade has seen an explosion of techniques in analytics that are targeted at increasing productivity. Use cases in customer & marketing analytics have reached a stage in which firms have moved from aggregate marketing to individualized customized marketing, reaching each customer through the channel and at a time that are predicted as best for sales conversion. Advanced use cases such as Customer Lifetime Value, Optimum Marketing Mix, Churn Rate, Retention Ratio, Optimized RoI, Optimized Time to Market etc. allow businesses to know how much to invest on each customer acquisition, when to connect to a customer, which product is more likely to bought by which customer and most importantly, how to retain your most profitable customers.

Driving Decisions through Data

Data drives decision-making at businesses which aim strategic edge in a competitive business landscape. And, better data helps deliver better decisions for businesses. With the help of indigenously developed data enrichment tools, EpisenseAI provides companies with better data through Automated Data Labelling, Data Cleaning, Feature enrichment, Data Visualization and Data processing and Data Preparation for advanced analytics pipelines.

Analytics Infrastructure

Not all businesses are fortunate enough to have the required skills, teams and resources, both knowledge and infrastructure, to successfully implement analytics use cases at these organizations. EpisenseAI completely understands this pain point at companies and provides companies with infrastructure that is inevitably required for the success of any analytics project – from data storage, cloud compatibility and computing resources to Continuous Integration and Deployment of models as well as Model monitoring and Feedback looping of results. In terms of personnel resources, we provide dedicated, expert resources who handhold the firms from start to finish of analytics projects and follow a consultative approach to understand the objectives, propose multiple hypotheses, test solutions and deliver the desired results.

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