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For Business Analysts

Episense is one-stop solution for all your analytics needs – from data cleaning and visualization to Model deployment and Monitoring of implemented solutions.


Nil Requirement of Coding

Episense automates most, if not all, of the tasks for data analytics. With no requirement of coding, Episense hands a very powerful tool in the hands of analysts by enabling analysts to do every analytics, even the most advanced ones, that were once achieved only through data scientists and hardcore programming. EpisenseAI platform frees analysts of this limitation. On top of that, the plug-and-play capability of the platform makes analytics easy and intuitive for the business analysts who can now create proposed solutions and test them on their own.

Basic Analytics

Before you delve deeper into the advanced solutions and tricks of AI & ML, it’s vital to have a crystal-clear understanding of the data at hand – properties of each column, their interplay with other columns and the insights at an aggregate level. It may sound easy to achieve but, in reality, requires a deep analysis and wide-range visualization to ‘actually’ understand the data, generate insights and prepare hypothesis to tested and implemented at an advanced stage of analytics. We, at Episense, have not overlooked this critical aspect and have delivered tools that make basic analytics quite easy and intuitive for the users.

Advanced Visualization

EpisenseAI platform and Episense’ consultative approach to customization helps users to visualize data in a way that is automatically easy and intuitive to understand and act upon. Moreover, our support team is readily available within an hour to help analysts in using the platform and customizing the visualization as per the needs of our users. This way, the data visualization is only limited by the imagination of how you want to see the data.

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