Data Cleaning and Enrichment

Get your raw data ready for direct use into AI and ML processing pipelines

Your raw data is unstructured, full of errors and most often unsuitable for use into analytics pipelines. Getting this data into a form that generates even an iota of insight requires hours and days of dirty work into cleaning the data and rendering them usable. We not only make that possible for you but also make changes that makes them suitable for advanced AI and ML processing pipelines.

  • Data Cleaning: Mould your data into a structured system devoid of errors.
  • Data Pre-Processing: Remove the obvious mistakes of misalignment of data types and vectors
  • Data Enrichment: Add additional vectors, including but not limited to text vectors, that’s sometimes essential for ML and NLTK pipelines
  • Feature Extraction: Extract meaningful vectors out of text and unstructured data often found on social media and free form data sources
  • Feature Engineering: Transform as well as customize original vectors to make them suitable for powerful algorithms

Dashboards and Basic Insights

Customized dashboards enabling you to make well-informed decisions on the go in real time.

Track your KPIs in real time, drill down into the data when required and make decisions on the go with data streaming in real time on your dashboard. What’s more, the superior data processing engine behind the dashboard flags anomalies and data spikes to draw your attention where it’s most needed. The simple but powerful visualization techniques help the onlooker ingest and analyze information quickly to make well-informed better decisions.

  • Customize the dashboard to visualize the most important things at the top
  • Change the metric, regional level and duration for the chart as and when required
  • The powerful Episense engine behind dashboard flags anomalies and data-spikes and brings them to your notice
  • Keep track of your progress against critical deliverables at all times
  • Drill down into your data to a granular level to systematically derive insights from your data

Customer Analytics

Boost Revenues and cut Costs with a better understanding of Customer's behavior

With the latest innovations in customer analytics, EpisenseAI is able to deliver business-centered solutions with a direct positive impact of increased revenues, targeted marketing outcomes, reduced risks and controlled costs for its clients. Thus, our clients are able to take the best value out of their marketing expense while taking a big leap forward in customer experience and brand equity.

  • Proactive retention of customers
    • You know when a customer is most likely to leave you
    • You align your marketing efforts to retain this customer before he leaves, rather than when he has already left
    • Chances of retaining the customers is higher in a proactive scenario
  • Reduces marketing and sales costs
    • A more focussed and customised marketing effort for each customer and customer segment
    • Increases efficiency of your marketing and sales efforts
    • Brings the cost down and ROI higher on sales and marketing
  • Improves the level of customer experience
  • Increases opportunity for up-sell and cross-sell

Product Analytics

Formulate your product strategy:
Know which customers are more likely to buy which product

With the latest innovations in predictive analytics and inputs from Episense’ customer analytics tools, our clients are able to create a product strategy that helps them create an efficient product recommendation engine, sell more of their products through cross/up selling and also design a product portfolio well-suited to the ever changing customer’s needs and market trends.

  • Improved customer experience
    • Needed products are placed close by.
  • Plugs lost sales due to product’s invisibility to the customer
  • Taps into additional customer groups
    • Through bridging the product portfolio
  • Increases inventory optimization by removing unprofitable products
  • Identify to-be-successful products from initial trends
  • Catch on customer trends/fads to get windfall gains

AI-enhanced Credit Assessment Engines

Develop Precise AI&ML Credit Scoring Models

Lenders are under pressure from all sides – be it the time taken to lend a borrower, or the challenge of risk-appraising a ‘New-to-Credit’ borrower. Add to it the constant pressure of reducing costs. This is where our AI-enhanced Credit risk scoring engine comes to the rescue of lenders. We build precise credit models that address all the current challenges of credit risk assessment as well as prepare the lenders for opportunities of the future.

  • Reduce Turnaround time for credit approval - Develop Automated credit appraisal process
  • Build superior risk analytics with combination of traditional and AI&ML models.
  • Appraise ‘New-to-Credit’ borrowers with high accuracy.
  • Gain market share through accurate prediction of credit worthy customers while reducing risk at the same time.
  • Optimize revenues with the risk-adjusted return prediction
  • Implement models with high accuracy as well as interpretability.

Fraud Detection

Prevent Fraud based on Transaction Characteristics

The last decade has seen an explosion in the number of digital transaction but so has the number of fraud cases. Fraud cases are costly but investigating each and every transaction is also not advisable. This process is not only costly and time consuming but has a detrimental effect on customer service experience especially if more and more innocent customers are increasingly being investigated. That’s where accurate prediction of fraudulent transactions helps companies in smooth operations.

  • Build accurate AI & ML prediction models to identify fraudulent transactions.
  • Predict the likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent.
  • Create a ranked list of transactions that need to be investigated.
  • Save time and resources by investigating transactions in order of maximum likelihood of fraud.
  • Results in saving expenses and increased customer service experience.

Price Prediction

Build accurate AI models to predict prices

Price prediction is a challenge that is common across industries. Retailers want to get the best price for their products; financial traders want to predict market prices to benefit in the market; Others need precise derivative valuation to measure as well as manage risk. The invent of powerful AI and Neural Network models has come a long way in giving precise prediction of prices – from retail products to complex financial products.

  • Build powerful scalable AI models to predict prices from food products to financial instruments.
  • Optimize prices of your product to increase revenues
  • Derivative valuation to measure and manage market risk
  • Risk and return optimization of portfolios with automated valuation.

Demand Forecasting

Improve your ability to better meet customer demand for goods with predictive analytics

In today’s fast paced digital world, the biggest challenge that retailers face is predicting how much of product inventory, and of which product type, is needed to meet customer demand. Keeping lower inventory reduces customer servicing levels bringing down potential revenue whereas higher inventory than needed increases cost as well as blocks sale of alternate product that may be in demand. Episense effectively addresses this critical challenge by accurate demand forecasting at level and center of inventory.

  • AI-driven time series forecasting to determine the level of future demand.
  • Predict the likelihood of sale of each product type within a given timeline at each kiosk
  • Predict the probability of return for every item purchased through all channels
  • Optimise placement of warehouses and minimise the overall cost of supply chain.
  • Predict staffing levels and order fulfilment levels based on change in demand
  • Minimize the time required to service an order.
  • Reduce inventory cost and increase order fulfilment levels at the same time.

On Demand Analytics

We are there for all your analytics needs, as and when required

Not all our analytics needs can be planned or projected in nature. In fact, most of the time, there are small, localized challenges requiring urgent solutions in quick time to address business needs. For these times, our Analytics-as-a-service provides you oft-required whatever-it-takes analytics and its required tools at your fingertips.

  • What’s the expected impact on a new event, new product, competitor on our business?
  • Can you predict demand for the next period?
  • How can we set budget and targets for different teams?
  • Forecasting of our financial statements, business KPIs etc.
  • Explanation of anomalies, observed spikes, new market study etc.
  • All in all, we will be your one stop shop for all your analytics needs, whether it is small or big, a project with defined boundaries and objectives to a subjective analysis of people, product, customer, competitor, markets etc.
  • Analysis delivery within strict guidelines and pre-decided Service Level Agreements.

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