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Machine Learning as a field has made quite a stride recently in solving difficult problems but it still has miles to go. We still need domain experts to understand and translate the real world problems faced in industry which are often far more complex and multidimensional. We at episenseAI strongly believe and are committed to the idea that by combining our domain knowledge and expertise with the power of modern data processing algorithms has the best chance of not just solving the problem but taking the solution all the way into production.


Predictive Analytics and Clustering for consumer goods segment

  • AI based expertise in predicting customers’ changing needs and wants, enables you to fulfil customer’s demand in real time.
  • Our expertise in predictive analytics and AI based radical personalisation guides companies towards success in tough competition.
  • Advanced analytical methods for customer segmentation and product placement.
  • Master the art of sales and profit optimisation through pricing and demand analysis


What makes data so critical in Financial Services segment?

  • Understand and manage risks – credit, market and regulatory risk, and drive sales towards the most creditworthy and profitable customers.
  • With the help of our AI driven data decision systems, we know exactly what to deliver and how to deliver them.
  • We understand how the financial system works, the sensitivity of the data and the accuracy required in the results.
  • We provide the analytical edge that will differentiate you from your competitors while mitigating the risks inherent in this business.

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