Build Powerful Analytics Pipeline with nil coding.

We automate the creation of analytics pipeline so that you do not have to code any part of it. Just select the required components from EpisenseAI. And get the desired analytics outcome in minutes, not in months.

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Our Services

Get the desired analytics outcome, in minutes rather than in months, through a suite of ‘plug-and-play’ products from EpisenseAI. Also, leverage our expertise in execution of end-to-end analytics solutions to achieve your business objectives.

Plug-and-play analytics pipeline

From data connectors to model deployment, EpisenseAI has suite of products to create analytics pipeline with nil coding.

Customized solutions for end-use

Connect business end-use to analytics pipeline through customized code for continuous integration and adaptation.

Analytics consultancy

Implement solutions best-suited to your goals through our expertise in end-to-end analytics implementation.

Our Solutions

Pre-Analytics pipeline

First and often most cumbersome stage in building the analytics pipeline, this stage has set of tools that allow multiple raw data files in different file formats to be joined together and converted in standard format for further processing in the pipeline, thereby breaking data silos and making data easy to access and visualize.

  • Data Connectors
  • Data join
  • Data Query and Visualization

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Basic Analytics Pipeline

Once the data is connected and ready for use in a standard format, we move to the basic analytics stage of the pipeline. Tools in this stage allow you to clean the dataset, create, transform and remove features, and filter, join, slice and split datasets.

  • Data Cleaning
  • Feature Transformation
  • Data pre-processing (filter, slice, join, split etc.)
  • Descriptive Analytics (correlation, mean, median etc.)
  • Data Visualization

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Advanced Analytics Pipeline

After the completion of basic analytics stage, we move on to prepare the dataset for the predictive analytics stage. Consisting of advanced features, this stage can be skipped, or manually configured, if required.

  • Feature Engineering
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Feature selection
  • Optimization metric
  • Configuring Environment for model building (folds, Holdout%, target variable etc.)

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Model Building and Selection

In this stage, a set of models consisting of traditional models, advanced AI/ML models and hybrid models are run, the individual models are tuned to better the model results and the results are then compared to select the best model for deployment.

  • Hyper-parameter Optimization
  • View and Compare Model Outcomes
  • Best Model Selection
  • Flexible Computing Power

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Model Deployment

This stage provides you with an array of options for deployment. You can deploy the best model selected in previous stage or simultaneously deploy multiple models in different ratios and monitor their effectiveness on real-time data.

  • Model Deployment – file-wise / API endpoint
  • Model Monitoring
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

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End-Use Customization

We provide customized solutions to automate model implementation to end use-cases such as fraud prevention, automated credit underwriting, optimum price prediction, optimization of marketing investment etc. This solution connects (or even customizes the models, if required) the model results to end use-cases.

  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Product Analytics
  • Operations Analytics
  • Banking and Finance Analytics
  • Time-series Forecasting

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Analytics Infrastructure

We provide end-to-end data analytics infrastructure along with part product tools that can fit perfectly as a plug-and-play tool in your existing data infrastructure. This makes the implementation a clean set-up, without any clutter, and you get and pay only for features that you want.

  • Model Deployment – file-wise / API endpoint
  • Model Monitoring
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

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Analytics Consultancy

Gain competitive edge for your business with the power of analytics. We guide you on how advanced analytics can be utilized at your organization to increase revenues and service quality and to reduce costs and risks. We hand-hold the execution of such analytics projects that are best-suited to the scenario.

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