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We integrate datasets from multiple sources and transform them for analytics pipeline. Then, we apply consultative analytics pipeline enhanced with AI and ML capabilities to provide actionable insights and improve business decisions. In short, we deliver sustainable competitive edge through data.

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Our Services

Empowering you with actionable analytics, AI&ML use cases and data-driven decision systems to deliver solutions that directly impact your revenues and expenses.


A 360-degree data analytics service enabled with AI & ML capability. A true companion to your business, we deliver competitive edge to businesses through consultative data analytics aided by our proprietary AI & ML tools.


Resulting innovations from AI-enhanced predictive analytics are transforming everything from customer-experience to numerous use cases in finance and retail. We seamlessly implement these AI transformations as a project.

Data Driven Decision Systems

We apply powerful statistical analysis tools on diverse data types to generate insights from what happened (descriptive analytics) and why it happened (inquisitive analytics) to what will happen (predictive analytics) and what actions should be taken (prescriptive analytics)

Our Solutions

Data Cleaning and Enrichment

Your raw data is unstructured, full of errors and most often unsuitable for use into analytics pipelines. Getting this data into a form that generates even an iota of insight requires hours and days of dirty work into cleaning the data and rendering them usable.

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Dashboards and Basic Insights

Track your KPIs in real time, drill down into the data when required and make decisions on the go with data streaming in real time on your dashboard.

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Customer Analytics

With the latest innovations in customer analytics, EpisenseAI is able to deliver business-centered solutions with a direct positive impact of increased revenues, targeted marketing outcomes, reduced risks and controlled costs for its clients.

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Product Analytics

With the latest innovations in predictive analytics and inputs from Episense’ customer analytics tools, our clients are able to create a product strategy that helps them create an efficient product recommendation engine...

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AI-enhanced Credit Assessment Engines

Lenders are under pressure from all sides – be it the time taken to lend a borrower, or the challenge of risk-appraising a ‘New-to-Credit’ borrower. Add to it the constant pressure of reducing costs. This is where our AI-enhanced Credit risk scoring engine...

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Fraud Detection

The last decade has seen an explosion in the number of digital transaction but so has the number of fraud cases. Fraud cases are costly but investigating each and every transaction is also not advisable. This process is not only costly and time consuming but...

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On-Demand Analytics

Not all our analytics needs can be planned or projected in nature. In fact, most of the time, there are small, localized challenges requiring urgent solutions in quick time to address business needs. For these times,...

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